Airfoil Balancing Clips


Airfoil blades have a cross sectional view like an airplane wing. Air movement is created upon rotation and two dimensional flow over the blade. These clips are designed with a wider throat than our other clips to accommodate the shape of an airfoil blade.

Sold in packs of 10, or in bulk.  We also offer a full set of air foil balancing clips.

We supply zinc plated balance clips with this contour in three sizes:

We also offer PTFE coated clips for added chemical resistance.


Click here for volume pricing for orders of 300 or more of our Standard | Extra Wide | Narrow Air Foil Clips

Spec Sheets



    Air Foil Balancing Weights Kit includes 60 pieces of standard .750 throat size (17 series). 10 each of .125, .25, .50, 1.0, 1.50, and 2.0 ounce weights.
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