Balancing Materials

For those applications where you need more than a balancing correction weight, C D International offers a number of Balancing Compounds.  You can choose from EPO Dynaweight, Balancing Wax or Balancing Clay. 

  • Balancing Clay Balancing Clay

    Balancing Clay

    CD International balancing clay is a one pound block of silver plastine clay ideal for use as trial weight use. The block is pre-scored to help select small portions for use as a trial weight. Once the ideal balance is achieved, the clay is removed and...
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  • Balancing Wax

    Balancing Wax

    CD International balancing wax is a dental quality wax that is extruded in string form for easy weight estimation. Ideal for use as trial weight, adheres very well.
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  • EPO Dynaweight EPO Dynaweight

    EPO Dynaweight

    EPO DYNAWEIGHT - 2 Pound Kit Dynamic, all-purpose, non-conductive, two-component epoxy balancing compound primarely used to balance electrical motors. Also great for fiberglass fans. (For cosmetic purposes, you can fiberglass over the top of the EPO...
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